Records (those discs that contain music)

Back in December 2015, I was struggling to get into the Christmas spirit, but that changed when I discovered records. After two minutes of listening to Kelly Clarkson sing Christmas jams from a record player, you can't help but start to feel festive! I highly recommend it.

Bought at the Flea Market

records from the flea market

I bought these 12 gems from a man at the local flea market that was drunk before 10 AM on a Sunday for $20.

Bought from Amazon

records bought new from amazon

Compare the price of those with these new records I got from Amazon for $107.91 and you can start to understand the savings of buying secondhand.

The Record Player

the record player

The record player I bought from Amazon to play these isn't old or that special - I think I even saw the same or similar one being sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


the record player controls

Why did I choose this player? Well, because it can play records of all sizes and speeds, tapes, CD's, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth or anything connected to the mini audio jack. The only thing it can't play are 8-tracks.

The polished controls and wood box give it a nice retro look that can easily be displayed in the house, plus the Bluetooth adds a whole other level of usefulness in case I feel like living in the 21st century.

Why do I love records so much?

The main reason is records force me to be deliberate in choosing what to listen to, which makes me appreciate the music more. Sure, I could listen to Pandora or Spotify and hear the same songs play and "Skip" or "Thumbs-down" songs I'm not interested in, but I like the idea of committing to one album side in its entirety - I feel you connect more with the artist and the music that way.

The other reason is I can't wait to play the new records I purchased 30-50 years from now for my kid.

record collection